Take Your Wi-Fi with You! Mobile phone vs. Hotspot

Staying online at all times can be hard sometimes, especially when traveling and get in places with poor internet connection. Fortunately, there is a great device that could solve all your problems. It is called Wizerfi and it provides Wi-Fi connection in more than 200 countries. Take a look at all the advantages this device can bring you compared to your usual mobile phone.

Say goodbye to bad Wi-Fi connections

Nowadays, staying connected and having internet access whenever and wherever is quite vital. A smartphone can give us this opportunity. Using the mobile data on your phone will consume a lot of your battery and will make you always carry a power bank or the charger and look for a place to plug it in. On the other hand the Wizerfi provides Wi-Fi everywhere and has a strong battery life that won’t leave you disconnected. With only 4.99 € per day of usage you have as much internet as you need without worrying about the battery or the lack of charging places.

Look into the future

When making rational purchases, you think about what might happen over the years and you know that technology changes every second. What’s trending now might not be there anymore next year. Good investments are made with things that don’t lose their performance and values over the years. One great device that will be there for you, in the long run, is the Wizerfi. While, on the other hand, mobile phones are rapidly replaced due to the fast evolution of the technology. The Wizerfi gives you the opportunity to have Wi-Fi on your holidays, on your business trips, in the car, or even in the park.


Easy like a Sunday morning

Time is precious and we can’t waste it on bad Wi-Fi connections and hard-to-use devices. Wizerfi, besides giving you great Wi-Fi, it is also easy to use, as well. More precisely you only have to push only one button to gain internet access. While on mobile phones you have to search for the Wi-Fi, maybe even create an account, or log in with your email or social account to have access to the free Wi-Fi. It can be really annoying and time-consuming to get through all those steps for a little internet connection to post a photo or check your email. Along with the fact that it is easy to use, the Wizerfi is also very small and easy to carry. It will fit into your pocket and you’ll stay connected as long as you want.

Go international!

Some places and even some countries have poor internet connections and make it hard to access the internet. Even if you have a high-performance mobile phone, it won’t save you the trouble of poor connections. Having a Wi-Fi device, on the other hand, will help you get easy access to the internet on both your laptop and your phone, regardless of their features and brand. Wizerfi covers over 200 countries all over the world so you won’t have troubles in keeping yourself connected.

Sharing is caring

If you need to show your clients some design, architectural, or technical plans you won’t show them on your phone for sure, because you need a wider screen. So you’ll most probably present it on your laptop. What will you do if there’s no Wi-Fi in the location of your meeting? Having a Wizerfi gives you the opportunity to connect your mobile phone and the laptop at the same time. Moreover, you can share your Wi-Fi with five devices and it won’t influence the performance of the device. While a mobile phone won’t help you do that.

For more information about this magical device that will keep up and running on the internet, go check out our website. You can also check the costs and the packages available.